SWAGSS Conference

Friday, 15 November 2019 at the Lighthouse Hotel, Bunbury


An important event on the South West and Great Southern Surveyors calendar, we are pleased to present this one-day event on Friday, 15 November 2019 which includes session themes relating to Native Title, the Strata Titles Regulations, Landgate updates and WAIS initiatives.


The Program is guaranteed to be current, topical and thought provoking. 

Stay on for the ACSIS Sundowner as it will be the perfect way to unwind after a productive professional development day, and provides yet another opportunity to network with colleagues and friends.

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The current categories on the panel includes:

  • Imagery products and services (e.g. aerial and satellite)

  • Elevation and Depth products (e.g. LiDAR, 3D, contours)

  • Vector data (e.g. 2D, boundaries, topographic data, addresses)

  • Innovative products and services (e.g. value added products)

We are adding an additional category for Surveying. This will simplify the process for Landgate to procure survey services.
Capture WA Contract

  • Established through an open tender

  • Objective is to provide access to a wide range of appropriately qualified suppliers and to reduce the cost of duplication of spatial information acquisition across government (Supports the Governments Services priority review)

  • Unless alternative terms and conditions have been negotiated the Request Conditions and General Conditions of Contract are applicable.

  • All conversations with Suppliers must be in line with the T & C’s established.

  • Virtually Unlimited spend - $32 million

  • Contract works similar to a WOG CUA

  • Landgate is the contract authority

  • Landgate facilitate a cost-effective quotation process to seek quotes from qualified suppliers prior to awarding procurements

  • When a requirement has been establish a quotation is sought using the online procurement portal / quotation system


  • The Capture WA panel refresh will be advertised during November/December on the Tenders WA website.

  • Suppliers should demonstrate their organisational capacity, suitability and experience to provide a range of the required products and services for the nominated service categories to an acceptable standard.

  • The qualified providers are placed on the panel and will have access to the Capture WA procurement site where they can provide quotes when jobs are advertised

  • The provider and requestor can liaise directly to refine the job requirements.

  • NOTE: being qualified to be on the Capture WA panel does not automatically assure you get assigned work

There are two parts to Capture WA

  1. the Capture Program and

  2. the Contract arrangements to support the program (Panel of pre-qualified suppliers)

The Capture WA program coordinates data capture for all public sector agencies. This is done by noting any independent capture that have been undertaken or new capture (program, self or jointly funded). We also facilitate requests for quotes for potential data capture
The Capture program  excludes data consultancy services – services are for data acquisition.
Benefits of participating in the Capture WA program:

  • Facilitates cross-agency collaboration

  • Shared funding

  • Reducing duplication by sharing captures with all agencies

  • Ensures data is captured to industry standards

More info on the website  https://spur.wa.gov.au/better-business/capture-wa

Photo courtesy of Megan Lawless - Memories of Bunbury.

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