WAIS represents the surveying profession in Western Australia with the primary objective to raise the profile of the surveying industry and its members.  WAIS continues to work with key stakeholders including government, industry and aligned professions at a local and National level to ensure the Industry and its members are in the forefront of development, process and policy for the benefit of the surveying profession and the community.

Representation on Land Surveyors Licensing Board (LSLB)


Before every WAIS Annual General Meeting, nominations for election as representatives on the Land Surveyors Licensing Board are called for the ensuing year. The nominees must be licensed surveyors who hold practising certificates. Two representatives are chosen (by ballot if required) and their names and details are forwarded through the LSLB for appointment to the LSLB by the Governor on the nomination of the Institute. 


The Land Surveying Licencing Board of Western Australia  is constituted under Section 4 of the Licensed Surveyors Act 1909 and consists of six members with the Surveyor General ex officio, two members nominated by the Surveyor General, two members nominated by WAIS, and one member nominated by an education institution.


The two members of the LSLB nominated by WAIS for 2019 are Paul Rhodes and Greg Cole.

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