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WAIS has joined forces nationally with the A Life Without Limits program, putting the surveying community on the map and amplifying the conversations it can have with the surveyors of today and the graduates of tomorrow.


The program aims to protect the profession against forecasted skills shortages by increasing secondary student intake into tertiary study in Surveying, as well as raising the profile of the profession. 

The recent Australia wide Demand Study, commissioned by Consulting Surveyors National of the Surveying and Spatial Sciences profession and completed by BIS Oxford Economics, identified a significant and widening gap across Australia between the demand for surveyors, and the supply of surveyors available to service this demand. 


To address this situation WAIS has committed to the A Life Without Limits program which has proven successful in other states in promoting surveying to high school students resulting in tertiary enrolment growth. The program will succeed in WA with the ongoing commitment and support of the local survey profession, to assist with financing, administering, and attending career events. 


If you are interested in becoming involved, download the Become an Industry Member Ambassador form today. 

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Industry Member Ambassadors
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  • CR Maloney Surveying

  • De Nada Surveys

  • Kim Anderson

  • Gavin Campbell

  • Aaron Oddy

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Surveyors and the Value of Cadastral Integrity

As previously advise WAIS has been working with some of our National counterparts on issues of National significance.


As a result we provided funding support and input into the attached report by PricewaterhouseCoopers titled Surveyors and the Value of Cadastral Integrity.


The idea was to educate any deregulators and the general public of the value of the fantastic trouble free competitive and efficient cadastral system we have here in Australia and expose the risks associated with tampering with it through deregulation.


As you all know - deregulation is popular as an ideology for making things more efficient and less costly but each case should be considered on its merits.  Our system is certainly very competitive already now as you know and we believe deregulation would not be in the public interest. John Forrest commenced setting up the regulated system in the 1880s and it has served Australia well since then with negligible claims against the register.


Whilst some of our WA thinking on the issue has not been covered by PWC, we confident that the report is sufficiently solid to make deregulators think twice about their ideology before imposing it on our industry.


We encourage you to read the report and distribute it widely within the industry.

Biennial Curtin Surveying Expeditions


Once again in 2016 WAIS supported Curtin University by offering financial sponsorship and administrative support for their Biennial Survey Student Expedition 2016 . This year the expedition went to the Leonora region of the WA Goldfields.


The WAIS 25th August 2016 CPD Seminar gives a good overview of the components undertaken by the students and is recorded.  


Anyone requiring a copy should contact Angelique Cooper, WAIS Executive Officer on 0424 177 510 or

You can find much more information on this and prior expeditions at the Student Expedition web site

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