David Martin

Board Member
Licensed Surveyor – Survey Services – Landgate
David has worked at Landgate for the past 20 years, graduating from Curtin University of Technology with a Bachelor of Surveying in 1997. David has been practising as a Licensed Surveyor since March 2009. David worked as a Geodesist for 17 years undertaking geodetic data processing and analysis for Western Australia’s geodetic network. During this time, he also commenced his professional training agreement in 2006. Between 2009-2016 he undertook varied roles including Geodetic Surveyor, Inspecting Surveyor and Manager. This wide-ranging experience has given David a comprehensive understanding of all survey related work within Landgate and through management opportunities David has gained experience in the registrations side of Landgate’s business. For the past 3 years David has been working as a Licensed Surveyor undertaking the Survey Inspection function. This role sees David working to actively assist in maintaining and raising the standard of cadastral surveys and plans in Western Australia.
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