Accreditation for Engineering Surveyors

WAIS welcomes applications for accreditation as a WAIS Certified Practising Engineering Surveyor. 


Once accredited and a member of WAIS, you are able to use the title of Certified Practising Engineering Surveyor, abbreviated to CPS(Eng) and use the CPS(Eng) logo to promote your accreditation. 

For a Surveyor, accreditation has meaning beyond a piece of paper.  It communicates to the world something about the person, their approach to their work as a Surveyor, and it binds the Surveyor to a set of principles that make our world a better place. 

WAIS encourages every professional Surveyor involved in Engineering Surveying to become a Certified Practising Engineering Surveyor, a CPS(Eng).

If you are interested in this opportunity, download and complete the application forms and post them to the Executive Officer, WAIS PO Box 1121 BENTLEY DC BENTLEY WA 6983 or email: for more information.

"Good work for a good outcome".


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