CPS(Eng) Accreditation

Recognised qualifications for engineering surveyors


Certified Practising Engineering Surveyor

WAIS encourages every professional Surveyor involved in Engineering Surveying to become a CPS(Eng), Certified Practising Engineering Surveyor.

For a Surveyor, accreditation has meaning beyond a piece of paper. It communicates to the world something about the person, their approach to their work and binds the Surveyor to a set of principles that make our world a better place.

For Industry, accreditation means peace of mind. Industry knows the surveyor has been beyond tertiary education and has met high standards of competence set by the profession itself, and maintains a regime of ongoing education to satisfy those standards.

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Apply for Accreditation

WAIS welcomes applications for accreditation as a WAIS Certified Practising Engineering Surveyor.

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