Surveying Careers

Surveyors of the future

WAIS has joined forces nationally with Surveying Careers | the A Life Without Limits program, putting the surveying community on the map and amplifying the conversations it can have with the surveyors of today and the graduates of tomorrow.

The program’s objective is to promote what the Surveying profession has to offer including variety in work location, role and function, supply and demand and job security – all which underpin personal lifestyle aims.

Aims of Surveying Careers

  • Connect with Career Advisors through education and media relations activities
  • Increase awareness of Surveying as a profession
  • Engage with key stakeholders including Tertiary Institutions, government agencies, like minded Associations and the public and private sector.
A Life Without Limits

Industry Member Ambassadors

Financial Sponsors

Individual Supporters

  • Leo Mannella
  • Rob and Myra Agnew

WA A Life Without Limits Annual Report 2021

WAIS Industry Partners
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